Top 10 Natural Gas Producing Countries

United States Of America - 934.2 Billion Cubic Meters

Although the United States may not hold the largest reserve of natural gas in the world, it is by far the largest producer of natural gas globally. 

Russia - 701.7 Billion Cubic Meters

While being struck by the pandemic and recent conflicts with Ukraine, Russia holds a commanding spot with 17% of global production and the largest known reserves.

Iran - 256.7 Billion Cubic Meters

Iran's government has recently taken an aggressive stance on natural gas and has come up to third place in global production over the past few years.

China - 209.2 Billion Cubic Meters

This new field has more than 400 wells and aims to produce 42 bcm within 2023 alone. This has brought up China's total production to 209.2 billion cubic meters, but, surprisingly, the nation is still one of the world's largest natural gas importers

Qatar - 177 Billion Cubic Meters

With the sudden drop in Russian natural gas export quantities due to political situations, Qatar is one nation that has taken complete advantage of the situation.

Canada - 172.3 Billion Cubic Meters

The second largest country in the world and one known for its peaceful environment and picturesque winters, Canada is just behind Qatar in natural gas production.

Australia - 147.2 Billion Cubic Meters

While the continent island of Australia may be secluded in the physical sense, in terms of natural gas, the nation is well connected as one of the largest global exporters.

Saudi Arabia - 117.3 Billion Cubic Meters

Saudia Arabia also holds the 8th spot for global natural gas production, with 117.3 bcm produced annually. 

Norway - 114.3 Billion Cubic Meters

Norway is Europe's second-largest natural gas provider producing 114.3 bcm in 2021, out of which the majority is exported to Europe and other nations. 

Algeria - 100.8 Billion Cubic Meters

Algeria is the world's 10th largest producer of natural gas, having produced 100.8 billion cubic meters last year. It is also just behind Norway in terms of European exports, being the third largest exporter to the EU.