The World's Most Visited Countries

United Kingdom: 36 Million Tourists

In 2019, the United Kingdom welcomed 36 million tourists to its towns and cities. London is the country's most visited city, with approximately 12 million visitors each year

Thailand: 38 Million Tourists

Thailand has been a popular tourist destination for decades thanks to its white-sand beaches, delicious cuisine and hot weather. Bangkok,

Germany: 39 Million Tourists

Germany is famous for its beer, sausages and picturesque castles. The country welcomes around 39 million tourists each year, with approximately 13 million visiting Berlin

Mexico: 41 Million Tourists

Mexico, located in the southern part of North America, is rapidly becoming a favorite tourist destination. People from all over the world are visiting the vibrant country to enjoy the pristine beaches

Turkey: 46 Million Tourists

Located on two continents, Turkey offers a unique blend of East and West. Edged by the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, Turkey has an abundance of stunning coastlines and charming resorts

Italy: 62 Million Tourists

Italy has culture, history and cuisine in abundance, making it a very popular tourist destination for people all around the globe. Italy has a varied landscape that suits all traveler types

China: 63 Million Tourists

China, the third-largest country in the world, is in the world's top five tourist destinations because of its natural landscapes, expansive history and delicious cuisine

United States: 80 Million Tourists

Tourism is one of the United States' biggest contributors to the country's GDP. The industry supports over 7 million jobs, and in 2017, tourism generated USD 1.6 trillion in economic output

Spain: 83 Million Tourists

Spain is the second most visited country in both the world and Europe. Tourism accounts for 12% of Spain's economy and provides 13% of jobs

France - 89 Million Tourists

Attracting over 89 million tourists each year, France is the world's most visited country. Paris, France's capital city, draws in around 17 million tourists a yea